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A single mother doing her best

Children crying upon her chest

She just wants a chance to get it right

But the man in her life is plain out of sight


This isn’t the way it’s intended to be

You’re supposed to be bouncing on daddy’s knee


Emotional loneliness starts to set in

How in the world will it ever end?

She busies herself for hours and hours

Trying to forget all of her hearts desires


The white picket fence

The dog in the yard

Dad coming home from a long day of work

To give mommy a kiss while the kids all smirk


I’m here today to give you hope

I certainly know this is not a joke

A single mom of eighteen years

I cried loudly into Gods ears


He knows your heart;He sees your pain

If you’ll let him in you’ll fully gain

Your purpose; His plan

Someone who truly understands


Forget the one who broke your heart

And let Jesus give you that fresh start


Written by Theresa Fell



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Somewhere out there on the street

There is a girl who’s getting beat

She running towards a better life

But once again she’s stuck in strife

He hits her once

He hits her twice

Now he promises to be nice

Once again she believes the lies

That this one is the “only” guy

Who really cares and loves her deep

Here’s the trick now don’t you know

It’s a cycle of abuse status quo just let it go

It starts so small; one could miss

That betraying first lovely kiss

He convinces her she has no friends

He’s the only one who’ll be there till the end

Family is the next one down on his list

Assuring her she won’t be missed

Once he has her in this trap

It comes along that first slap

She tries to leave with kids in tow

Uh oh, there it is that first blow

Fear sets in she’s scared to tell

Living in this lonely hell

No one there to understand

How it got so out of hand

Living in the guilt and shame

People pointing fingers of blame

She’s left alone now in this game

By friends and family all the same

All it takes to break this dame

Is one person who will come along

And stand beside her right or wrong

Who believes that she is worthy of something more

Yes, one man, who understands

And if were sitting there in our righteousness

Continuing on in idleness

How will she ever know

There’s only one man who can save her soul

Show her the love of Christ is delivery

And he will pull her out of this misery

Jesus is the one true beau

Who’ll love her more than she could ever know!

Written by: Theresa Fell

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